The Honey Bee Organization

Origin of the three types of bee. The workers build three types of cell. Worker cells predominate. Drone cells are fewer and slightly larger. Queen cells are still larger and quite different in shape. They are made singly and often project from the base or surface of the comb.

The queen lays indiscriminately in all these cells but the eggs in the drone cells are unfertilised and develop into males. The eggs in the worker and queen cells are fertilised and develop into females. However, the queen is fed a diet different in quantity and quality from the workers diet and, as a result, develops into the only fertile female.

The queen produces hormone-like substances called pheromones or ‘queen substance’. These play a vital part in suppressing the egg-laying propensities of the workers. Wherever the queen goes, she is followed by a crowd of workers who feed her and ‘lick’ her body with their probosces and so absorb the pheromones.

Swarming. When the size of the colony reaches a certain stage, usually in Spring or Summer when the nectar flow is at its greatest, the queen and a great many workers leave the hive in a swarm. The swarm comes to rest in a great cluster on a tree branch or similar situation. Scout bees, who may have left the hive some days before, seek out a suitable situation for a new nest and return to the swarm and communicate this information, whereupon the whole swarm moves off to the new site. Meanwhile, in the old hive, one of the new queens hatches out, mates, and takes over the colony that is left.

A Woman’s Biological Clock

A woman’s biological clock begins as they age, but what might be intriguing is it begins ticking around her late 20’s, not her mid 30’s. You see unlike men, females are born with a finite number of eggs, approximately one million. Then at adolescence that quantity has astonishingly dwindled to roughly 400,000 and thus each month approximately 750 eggs are expended. Regretfully not only do some of these eggs start to decline in quantity, but in quality additionally. These elements combined result in a woman’s fertility starting to recede in her 20’s and also considerably following age 35.

Now women are certainly not the only ones influenced by fertility, males likewise deal with it, even though they are definitely less influenced by age they continue to show a considerable drop by the late 30’s.

But wait you declare “what about these Hollywood celebrity having babies soon after 40?” And without a doubt its factual over the past 10 years or so high-profile late-in-life wonder little ones have indeed made themselves well-known by defeating the likelihoods and being born. This has caused a general belief that science and also technology has somehow defeated the biology which is hard-wired within us, that they have in some way outfoxed mother nature; sadly it is not the situation. What you have to understand is those kids are actually via egg donors. Yes indeed, that’s correct donor eggs. Generally any time you see something regarding a women above 40 who is actually having twins you can wager these weren’t conceived within her eggs.

So in a sense we have indeed uncovered a workaround to mother nature, but we have not beat her still. There are many more years to come before we even approach the idea of outfoxing mother nature, but egg donation and the technology behind it is a wonderful thing, and permits thousands of children to be birthed every year to moms that could not conceive typically. But keep in mind this doesn’t happen naturally.

What this has actually performed is provide a method to take a little of the stress off, this idea of a biological clock beating off so you need to rush and locate a husband and make babies is a somewhat less of a worry. Now you’ll just need to bother with having the ability to pay for it, but at the very least it’s an alternative.

As things have slowly progressed we’ve also found additional techniques and ways to deal with these facts of like, one of these is an another workaround for a female’s biological clock, egg freezing and the egg freezing costs. These advances has come very far giving females the capacity to freeze their eggs when they are young and fertile, and keep them for a future occasion once they are further equipped to have a kid and not as fertile. This is completed through the use of an egg bank.

All in all there has been substantial developments in the region of fertility procedure that are transforming the way people examine things. The method we tackle the question of this biological clock business. We have still to secure our hands on the clock makers tools to make a couple corrections to the internal workings and tools that constitute a woman’s biological clock, yet we have discovered some ways to get around it, and with regard to so many ladies out there that is an amazing thing for. Maybe one day we’ll have the ability to help any and all of those who would like to conceive the opportunity to do so, but Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will these reproductive technologies.

Super String Theory: As Applied to Biological Life

An Introduction to Super String (Super Symmetric String) Theory:

According to Super String Theory, the basic objects are one-dimensional objects known as ‘super strings’. Super strings are thought to have a length scale of 10 power -35 m and since very high energies are associated with very short distances, they should have energy scale of 10 power +19 GeV which is far from any energy scale of any accelerator that can be envisaged. In fact, several dimensions are curved into one dimension making the existence of Super strings possible. Theory of Super strings also leads to the spin 2 particles known as GRAVITONS. A graviton is a hypothetical particle or quantum of energy (resembling E=hn) exchanged in a gravitational interaction. It is expected to travel at the speed of light(C) and to have no mass, no charge and have a spin 2.

The essential aspect of Super String Theory is that, this theory is an attempt to explain all the particles and fundamental forces of nature in one theory by modeling them as vibrations of tiny super symmetric strings.

In fact, it is a correlation between General Theory of relativity in which Gravitational forces and Graviton play vital role, and Quantum mechanics where Planck’s law play the vital role.

To cite an example, if the entire stretch of Niagara is the gravitational force,a tablespoonful of its water may be compared to a quantum of energy (photon). The flow always continues in quanta of energy and connected by super symmetric strings.

This is a brief description of Superstring theory.

What is Life?

1. Various genetic codes are inscribed in the minutest form on the basis of an INTELLIGENT PLAN which is to be decoded.

2. They are transferred to intelligent life through aperiodic crystals (as propounded by E.Schrodinger) which were known later as DNA and RNA molecules.

3. Living beings improve upon the organism by gaining more and more intelligence and drawing order from environment known as Negative Entropy. (E.Schrodinger). for this examples may be derived from medicines, co-meditation which give Anentropy (A new term introduced by Holistic Philosophy for Negative Entropy, anti-entropy=anentropy, the supplier of ORDER)

4. The genetic codes never die and they are carried over to future generations and the process continues for ever.

Conclusion number 4 is very important and is of direct relevance to this article.

How Does Super String Theory Apply to ‘Life’?

On deeply contemplating over Super String Theory, it appeared to me that Life has a continuity through the Genes which are carried over generation after generation.

Photons are for electro magnetic energy, gravitons for gravitational force, magnetons for atomic dipoles and likewise, genes are for the life force.

All the rules applied for super string theory applies to genes, in physical dimensions as follows:

I. Genes are minute in size.

ii. They are highly energetic in Nature.

iii. They carry the life force (like photons carry the Electro- magnetic force and gravitons carry the gravitational force)

iv. Several dimensions are curved into one making the transit generations to generations possible.

Hence, physical aspects of Genes theory perfectly suit the Super String theory.

The major difference is the content of Intelligence which is coded into the genes which are decoded in course of time which makes Life force different from other physical reference of readers:

The Meaning of LIFELINE:

One important aspect of this derivation is that Life can travel only through one line which is known as ‘the lifeline’ which is through sperms and ovum. For even children artificially born, ovum and its fertilisation by sperm is needed, though outside ovary. Even in that case, it should be placed in the ovary to grow, Hence any life on Earth has only one route to come to Earth, I.e. through ancestral and parental genes. The journey continues through various experiences of life and ends in the process called death. The genes were already transcendental to future generations. This is known as lifeline, covering the journey from the origin of life to the death of an individual and more importantly, genetic qualities being carried over to future generation.


The above derivations lead us to the conclusion that Super string theory is the physics equivalent of Life force. This field of study offers enormous scope for further research. Readers are invited to offer suggestions and take part in these discussions so that a new field of study will be opened in the field of Physics, Biology and Philosophy.