That Little Itch Is Telling Your Haptic Neuronal Nerve Endings Something – Listen Up

Itching can drive you up the wall, and scratching can lead to permanent damage if you don’t control yourself. Why does this happen to us humans? Well, we aren’t the only ones are we? It turns out that all mammals that we know about have to deal with this, along with birds, and other creatures as well. How does it work? Well, that’s the thing, until recently there was a huge debate of how, even if the scientists have agreed long ago, that it is was an evolutionary need for the organism.

Remember our bodies are interconnected with neurons, nerves, and a whole sensory network. Now then, there was an interesting article in the Howard Hughes Medical Institute magazine Spring 2013 edition “Itching to Be Discovered – Skin Deep Receptor in Nerve Cells Senses Itch” by Nicole Kresge. It turns out that the research there has discovered what all this is about, how nerve cells detect itch and pain – it’s the same process. The itch is telling us that there is something wrong, damage is or has been done. Scratching away the surface of the skin can remove the invading problem.

Indeed, I’ve always assumed that itches were caused by excess vibrational energy at the nerve endings, more energy than is needed for optimum haptic networking under the skin. Itching might also be a pre-cursory warning of pre-damage to nerve endings – poisons, toxins, or too much boosted elevated energy, perhaps too much heat, as you feel getting into a hot bath or Jacuzzi for instance. Some illegal substances are said to have an itching effect, as the body deals with these toxins. Some folks tell of over sensory perception, which is highly possible as a mechanism exhibiting the same conditions as described in the article and subsequent research report.

It turns out that the neurons in the skin only sense itch, not pain, and they were able to prove this through experimentation. So now the scientists “have pinpointed the nerve fibers responsible for itch, and they will look for a molecule to block the receptors” and once they do, they can create a cream to stop itching all together. Meaning, patients after sensitive skin operations will not itch those areas leading to permanent damage.

People complain that when they are too close to radar antennas, microwaves, or other devices that they feel an itching sensation. Could it be over stimulating those neuronal sensors, nerves and telling us there is damage being done, are those nerve fibers being activated involuntarily – interesting questions and very fascinating science indeed. Please think on this.